Rushing the recruitment process can lead to costly mistakes.

Rushing the recruitment process can lead to costly mistakes.

How do you know you’re getting the best candidate for the job?recruitment

Being a HR Manager is a tough gig. Long hours, finding the right people for the job, keeping up to date with all the employment laws. The list goes on and on. And perhaps the hardest part of all – you’ve got to juggle all of this while keeping a big smile on your face.

When you’re working in the hospitality and tourism industries, you’ve got the added battles of high peak recruitment times. You’ll also find higher turnover rates due to the transient nature of the hospitality industry.

Whether you’re looking for one or 100 people, the process is always the same. Advertising, screening and qualifying candidates, interviewing, background checks, psychometric testing. It’s time-consuming, so it’s no wonder so many HR Managers cut corners and say, ‘they’ll do.’

But short cuts don’t always lead to long term success. Trust me; I’ve seen this too many times.

Hiring staff takes time and if you don’t do it correctly from the start, you’re just creating MORE work for yourself when the newest staff members leave the job they weren’t suited for.

Here are the top 5 mistakes I’ve seen HR managers make when rushing recruitment.

  1. They write an unenticing job ad that doesn’t attract the high quality of candidates they are seeking. It’s unappealing, often re-used from past recruitment drives and didn’t specify the requirements making the screening process harder.
  2. They skim through resumes, often looking only at the first few to be sent through and ignoring the rest. It’s a sure-fire way to miss fantastic candidates.
  3. They set aside a day (or two) for back to back interviewing, having one candidate blend into another and at the end of the day, forgetting who stood out.
  4. When they believe they’ve found the ideal candidate, they jump quickly, often missing out on background, reference and psychometric testing. Remember, sometimes people aren’t as perfect as they seem!
  5. They are not up to date and compliant with all the required HR paperwork, which can lead to outdated policies and procedures and mistakes being made on the job.

So, how do you make the recruitment process easier?

None of us have figured out how to create extra hours in the day, so that’s not the answer.

And recruitment agencies cost a fortune, so that’s not the answer either.

Have you ever considered outsourcing this work to a qualified Hospitality/Tourism HR Consultant who runs an independent service? That’s your answer!

Hi, I’m Katrina, and I’m a sucker for all things HR/Recruitment.


As an independent business owner, with many years’ experience within the hospitality/tourism industries, and most recently HR and recruitment, I’m on a mission.

‘To make HR Managers worry less and recruit better candidates.’

I’m a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) so you know I’m up to date and have real knowledge of all the current legislation and guidelines.

AND, I know what a decent candidate looks like when I see one.

You’ll get help with all these HR/recruitment services and MORE …

  • Writing and posting of your job ad
  • Phone shortlisting of candidates, running through a set of guidelines to decide who is suitable for interviewing
  • Arranging interview times with each candidate
  • All follow-ups that need to be done (requests for further information, second interviews)
  • Reference, immigration, police, Facebook/LinkedIn, past employment and certificate/tickets checks
  • Psychometric testing as a final check to ensure the candidate is suitable for the role
  • Making sure your policies and procedures are up to date, along with workplace planning and retention strategies (once you’ve got the perfect candidate, you want to keep them)

All this without the high costs of recruitment agencies and stressing yourself to the max.

As a business owner, I understand that you want to employ the best staff, at the lowest cost. It’s how businesses run. So as a fellow business owner, I’m of course going to cover my costs, but I don’t have the massively exuberant overheads a traditional recruitment service has.

And I’m a specialist for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, so you’re getting personal attention at a fraction of the cost. I can be your extra support when you need it (a day, a few hours, ongoing – whatever you need).

I have proven experience in challenging and competitive recruitment environments. I’ll let you tap into my developed network of Universities, Tafes, Facebook, LinkedIn and industry specific groups to help you source and target the right type of person for the job.

At the end of the day, recruiting the best people is more than merely placing a job in SEEK and hoping for the best.

But you’re not going to believe me until you test me! So, let’s have a chat.

Clear your diary for 30 minutes, and schedule in a call with me for an obligation free chat about your HR/Recruitment needs and what I can do to help you.


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