Backpackers in Australia need stand-out, killer resumes.

Backpackers in Australia need stand-out, killer resumes.

Here’s why.

Backpacking around Australia is heaps of fun. If you’ve got some money coming in that is. You can’t do much without it hey.

If you’re starting to run a bit short on cash, or you’re struggling to find a job, you need to look at your resume. Is it letting you down? Does it make you sound impressive? Have you listed your relevant experience?

The job market in Australia is super competitive, so being a backpacker can often make it harder.

Copy of Copy of Feeling overwhelmed with your current workload?

What should you include on your resume when looking for work as a backpacker?

Resume writing is a skill. And your chance of getting a job interview are a lot greater if your resume stands out from the rest. It is the very first impression you’ll make on a potential employer. So, make it a killer!


  • Keep it brief and to the point. Leave room for your recent jobs (listed first) and get rid of high school jobs if they mean nothing. Only include relevant skills to the job your applying for, even if you must alter your resume for different jobs.
  • Take out additional info. You do NOT need to include your age, marital status, religion or nationality (it’s illegal for your employer to ask you this).
  • Make the resume look tidy. Use simple text with an easy to read font. Use clear headings and bullet points to space out the text. Don’t make it complicated with headers, footers or tables as some computers may display your resume differently. And ALWAYS check your spelling and grammar (it shows you’ve put some effort into it).
  • Look a tad professional. If you’re still using a Hotmail or embarrassing email address that was funny when you were just emailing your friends, you may wish to change it isn’t professional! Look at getting an email address purely for your job hunting.
  • Answer the employer’s criteria. Pay attention to the finer details. Have they asked for a cover letter? Have they asked the file is saved in a certain format? Have you emailed to the right address? You’d be surprised how many resumes get overlooked purely as the candidate didn’t follow the simple instructions.


Want to hear an exclusive deal especially for backpacker’s

needing a resume?

As a specialist HR consultant for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, I’ve seen thousands of resumes in my time. The good, the bad, and the overlooked.

I know what it takes to write a resume to stand out. I’ve got that ‘insider knowledge’ to know what a HR Manager would be looking for. So, it makes sense that I offer this service, with special rates to backpackers looking for work.

For only $120, you’ll not only get a stand-out resume but a free cover letter and Consultation. Some T&Cs apply, and you can read them when you book. CONTACT US TODAY!

And once you’ve got your resume, you’ll need work.

I’ve personally worked with MLKA Hospitality Recruitment.

Employers looking for workers within the hospitality industry go to MLKA Hospitality Recruitment to find suitable candidates. If you’re registered with them, you will have access to the jobs available.

Katrina Pomeroy and her brilliant team help people across Australia find jobs in stunning remote locations. If you’re working your way around Australia, MLKA can help you see some of the most beautiful parts of this big country. You’re in excellent hands, Lets get you a resume and get you working.



3 thoughts on “Backpackers in Australia need stand-out, killer resumes.

  1. My partner and I have travelled around Australia for the past two years and we have only ever worked on farms. It’s an awesome experience. We created a joint resume and a joint gumtree ad and we have never been out of job offers 🙂

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