Managers rely on psychometric testing when recruiting

Managers rely on psychometric testing when recruiting

Making better people choices for their workforce

Employing the right person for the job can be a tough choice. It’s even worse when all shortlisted candidates interview well. So how do you decide who to employ?

Psychometric testing, that’s how.

These tests use a scientific method to measure a candidates’ mental capabilities and behavioural style. They are super useful for Managers to find hidden aspects of a candidate that you may have missed in the face-to-face interview.


Psychometric testing works for recruitment

  • No more gut feelings. When you’re in a hurry to replace an employee, it’s easy to settle with, ‘they’ll do.’ But if they’re not the right candidate for the job, you won’t have long-term retention. Psychometric testing takes out this guesswork and adds a level of objectivity to your decision-making process.
  • You don’t need a psychologist to decipher the results. The reports created from psychometric testing are easy to read and easily accessible online. They use clear language and graphics that clearly tell you the qualities of a candidate.
  • It shows you’re a good employer. By submitting all candidates to the same level of psychometric testing, it indicates that you are looking for the best person for the job, without bias. This type of screening provides a level playing field where everyone is judged equally.
  • You’ll have an effective HR strategy. You can use the psychometric tests to measure job performance. What type of person is best suited to the role? You can then start to form a HR strategy regarding talent management, workforce capability, employee engagement, and succession planning.

Avoid the stress of hiring the wrong person

Recruitment can be a risky investment for your business. And you’ve heard that old saying, ‘Never trust a book by its cover’? As a HR specialist, I know first-hand that candidates will say what they think you want to hear.

Resumes, interviews and reference checks are great, but won’t paint the whole picture. Managers are turning to psychometric testing to get real insights if a candidate is likely to succeed in the position.

Overflow HR are a Revelian Express Partner

As part of the HR recruitment process we undertake for our clients, we include a Revelian psychometric test. We’re a firm believer that your intuition is always best when backed up by scientific data.

Revelian-stacked-logoThe Revelian assessments help you identify the best people:

  • Aptitude Assessments: Cognitive ability test, separate ability tests, game-based assessments
  • Personality & El Assessments: Behavioural profile, emotional intelligence (MSCEIT)
  • Skills Assessments: 900+ skill tests to measure technical and practical skills
  • Risk & Safety Assessments: Work safety assessment, reliability scale

Independent advice when recruiting takes out the emotion

Taking your heart out of hiring employees forces you to make rational decisions. When you outsource your recruitment process, you don’t need to worry about the initial efforts.

We’ll write the ads, shortlist candidates, perform psychometric testings, and even the interviews. Ultimately, we’ll present you with the right person for the job. And when you have the right person for the job, they’ll stay.

If you need to chat about your recruitment needs or want further information, please contact us.


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