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heathly-check-homepage (1)Career Development Services – MBTI type 1 and type 11 personality assessments and reviews, Career exploration,  Resume design and consultation .. plus much more

As a qualified Career Development Practitioner and a professional member of CDAA – Career Development Association of Australia, Katrina can provide career support and services that meet your current situation.3

Are you a student leaving secondary or tertiary education, a parent returning to work after a career break, have you been out of work because of any reason, health, COVID 19, unplanned circumstances or you just need a career change and have no idea where to start ? Contact Katrina for a free initial chat to see how she can help you!

Resume writing

Have you ever sat down to write or update your resume and realised you had no idea where to start or what to include? Be YOU Careers has significant experience in the employment industry and understands how to write your resume so it resonates with employers.

Tailored to any industry, we can make sure you stay at the top of the pile.

If you email us your current resume (no matter how bad it looks), and let us know the type of industry you want to work in, we can give you a quotation for your resume today!

Email your resume to:

COVER LETTER’s are available and targeted for your job and/or industry.

Interview Coaching

So, you have had your resume written and have an interview coming up. What are you going to say? How are you going to prepare? What questions will they ask?

With demonstrated experience in the recruitment industry, Be YOU Careers can guide you in the process of interviews, likely questions scenarios and how to prepare so that you can present in a confident way. Our approach is tailored to the industry and can make the difference between getting noticed , and getting the job. If you would like to make an appointment for interview coaching, contact us today.