Recruitment Services for Businesses, agencies and companies

Recruitment Services

Small to Medium Business Recruitment

In a small to medium business, it is a challenge to dedicate resources to recruitment functions. At Overflow HR, we can provide you with a friendly and professional recruitment service, which is more affordable and doesn’t require you to deal with recruitment agencies. We provide comprehensive recruitment and support services, including everything from writing the advertisement, through to employing the candidate.

Our end to end service is complemented with our recruitment industry experience and the fact that we care about getting the right person in the right role. This then helps you retain good people and saves time and money on further recruiting.

Recruitment Agency Assistance

In addition to servicing business, at Overflow HR we provide assistance and support to recruitment agencies who are overwhelmed with work but don’t want to put on extra staff, as the testimonial below is testament to. Testimonials

Call Katrina and have a conversation about what services Overflow HR can provide for your recruitment agency.

Bulk and Seasonal Recruitment

Overflow HR has demonstrated and significant experience in providing resorts and hotels with tourism and hospitality recruitment services. Whether you are undertaking a whole seasonal recruitment drive, or employing a new Chef for your restaurant, we can assist you in finding and making the right choices for your business.

We are there to read the piles of resumes, screen candidates and provide recommendations for interview. We will contact candidates, set up interview times, perform testing and validate qualifications and tickets. No recruitment drive is too small, so call us today and find out how we can assist you.

Psychometric Testing

Sometimes, the interview process is just not enough to understand if a candidate is right for the position. You need to be sure. Through psychometric testing of potential incumbents, you can gather more information about their behaviours and capabilities which makes the decision an easier and more reliable one. Overflow HR undertake psychometric testing in all industries and can provide both the candidate and the business information around their suitability for particular roles. We have partnered with Revelian to provide you the best Psychometric testing options for both recruitment and employee engagement. 

If you would like to utilise the psychometric testing service, please contact us for a quotation and booking.