Recruitment Services

Whether you are recruiting one person or 100 people, Overflow HR can support your HR project to deliver job-ready, screened and tested (if required) employees for your business. Recruitment can be an expensive and stressful process, particularly when you need someone fast. Our services include the support you need, when you need it! Whether it is writing of advertisements, screen and qualifying candidates, interviews, candidate reports and psychometric testing services, all for a reasonable and agreeable fee. 

 Our professional and friendly service means candidates feel relaxed and calm during interviews and phone contacts, ensuring we get the right person for the job. Comprehensive screening may include referee checks, Facebook checks and police checks, as well as verifying past workplaces and lengths of employment. Nothing is left to chance, giving you reliable and fully screened employees.

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Psychometric Testing

Sometimes the interview process is just not enough to understand a candidate is right for the position. You need to be sure. Through psychometric testing of potential incumbents, you can gather more information about their behaviours and capabilities which makes the decision an easier and more reliable one. Overflow HR can offer psychometric testing as an additional tool in the recruitment toolbox, ensuring you have all the information to make the correct choice for your new team member. We have partnered with Revelian to provide you the best Psychometric testing options for both recruitment and employee engagement.