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“We have contracted the services of Katrina from Overflow HR to assist us on several occasions when our agency is busy and we need an extra short term consultant. Katrina has assisted us with general candidate registrations and reference checking. Katrina offers a great service which has saved us having to hire additional staff just … More Testimonial – MLKA Hospitality Recruitment

Testimonial – MLKA Hospitality Recruitment

  “Katrina was a valued asset to me during my role as Resort Operations Manager. Her knowledge of the Hospitality/Tourism Industry allowed her to understand first hand the Industry challenges and what we needed in our new team members. She was always available to talk, approachable and efficient, she delivers staff in a timely manner … More Testimonial – Kingfisherbay Resort Group

Testimonial – Kingfisherbay Resort Group

“Katrina’s interest and passion for all things HR is distinctive. The quality of service she provides to her clients is exemplary, and her career interest in organisational behaviour means that engaging her in your recruitment process will ensure candidates are correctly screened in skill sets, cultural fit, and personality type. I’d highly recommend her services … More Testimonial – Northpoint Consulting

Testimonial – Northpoint Consulting

“Katrina is fantastic and very professional, she possesses a sixth sense when it comes to understanding what to look for in quality staff. She is a pleasure to work with and is confident with her understanding of what makes a great candidate when looking to fill a vacancy. I would highly recommend Katrina for her … More Testimonial Fraser Explorer Tours

Testimonial Fraser Explorer Tours

“Katrina has been more than helpful and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her Resume service and am very happy with final result. Thank-you!” ~ Ashleigh S. – ACCOR Hotels Senior Management Professional (Hospitality Industry)

Testimonial Ashleigh Shone (Hospitality Industry)

“Katrina was great to work with. She made the whole process so easy. Katrina would keep us updated but would give us space when needed as we are often super busy; this was appreciated.This was a great campaign. It was efficient and effective, which is exactly what we were after.” ~ Nadia DB – Solicitor … More Testimonial – Simon Nixon & Associates/Legal Melbourne

Testimonial – Simon Nixon & Associates/Legal Melbourne

“Relatively difficult role to fill given the lack of candidates available with the correct skills and experience. Katrina stayed positive & professional until a successful outcome with the right staff member:” ~ Aaron R. General Manager – CP Plating PTY LTD Brisbane 

Testimonial – CP Plating PTY LTD Brisbane

“Katrina was great, very helpful and very professional with a great result. I was able to provide my feedback and she did not pressure me to choose a certain candidate. The questions that Katrina asked the candidates were very relevant which was great.” ~ Chris P. – Manager – Critical Transport Solutions Melbourne

Testimonial – Critical Transport Solutions Melbourne

“I have recently worked with Katrina and she has been fantastic. I wouldn’t do anything different. Perfect scenario & fantastic outcome. ” ~ Darren M. – Operations Manager – Critical Transport Solutions Sydney

Testimonial – Critical Transport Solutions – Sydney